Repair Your Agricultural Machinery in Northallerton, North Yorkshire

Receive efficient farm machinery repairs from our talented team. Serving clients throughout North Yorkshire and beyond, we specialise in welding, straightening, strengthening, and fabrication. It’s often best to repair old equipment, as you may save money in the long run. All types of agricultural machinery are surveyed, and we often create new parts to suit your needs. Based near Northallerton, we are always happy to help whenever you need it

Industry Expertise

With a vast amount of experience in the industry, we undertake a range of services. Several kinds of welding are provided, and we possess a 100-tonne press brake for plate bending. A 50-tonne press is also available for straightening and pressing bearings, hubs, and on/off shafts. Further to this, we have 3 lathes, a radial drill, and numerous other equipment. We are also able to perform a range of repairs on site with our well equiped van. If you wish to avoid the cost of a repair, simply request our machinery hire service.

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in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, for more information about our repairs for agricultural machinery.


Recent Projects

Our team recently encountered the same John Deere exhaust repair on 2 tractors. The problem involved a joint flange failure, while the rest of the exhaust was still functional. Since genuine JD parts cost arround £900, we aimed to save each customer money. Our specialists made new flanges and welded them to the existing exhaust. It was a fiddly job, but we efficiently completed it. If you would like to do the job yourself please ring for the advice and / or parts, 01609773607.