Our management (John and Nigel) are now well over retirement age so we have decided to start winding down the business. We now have only a skeleton staff so won't be able to do everything we have been doing. If you need anything please ring first to ask if we can do it. Sorry for any inconvenience. We haven't yet decided what to do with our assets. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for any reason: 01609 773607 or 07788 725871 or 01325 314634 or johnparlour07@gmail.com                   This website is due to close around mid Jan 21 however we have an annex to this site which will continue for now, please click here to view, or make a note of this URL: https://johnparlour.wixsite.com/mysite

View Our Farming Parts


Here is a small example of our competitively priced Bunning and ECE muck spreader parts. See left, RT500/50, bed drive gear box, same as Bunning Lowlander 120 Mk 4 and numerous other spreaders, or the RT500/60 for only £925 + VAT. We also have the RT800/60 at £1130 + VAT, while stocks last. Please specify input and output shaft sizes when ordering.

All these are on stock at the moment, July 2019.

We also have the Bunning Lowlander auger gear boxes, see below.  

Click here for tips on how to fit these.

Hydraulic motor 160 UK pounds + VAT, while stocks last. Both these parts also fit several other makes of spreader.

Hydraulic motor, to fit this bed drive gear box, see below. Many of these parts also fit several other makes of spreader.


bed gearbox pinions

These pinions are for the above gearboxes. The larger for the RT 800 and the smaller for the RT 500. Notice the 3 black circles on the side of the gear boxes above, these pinions fit under the middle one. Click here for prices.

Bunning Lowlander Mk 4, one peice auger gearbox, £1810 + VAT and delivery, while stocks last. This gearbox can be fitted to ECE spreaders, see below.

On stock at the moment, July 2019

Bunning Lowlander Mk 1 auger gear box. The ones pictured are for 1000 RPM PTO, ratio approx. 1.25 to 1. We stock these because they aren't easy to get, £460 each plus VAT etc. while stocks last. The ones pictured are identical to the originals, except for the extra shaft and a slightly faster speed so they will need to be fitted as a pare.

On stock at the moment, July 2019. We can get the original ones if required, ratio approx. 1.3 to 1.

540 RPM are usually available over night, direct to you from our supplier, please ask 01609 773 607.

ECE auger gearbox

Supplies of these Rogelberg / Rochling gearboxes are very intermittent, We have four of these on stock at the moment ( July 2019 ), two with 6 spline input shaft for 1000 RPM PTO and two with 20 spline input shaft for 540 RPM PTO. We are cooperating with two other UK stockists in order to maintain supplies and we also have an alternative solution to the supply problem, see below. These gear boxes are directly interchangeable with the earlier ones. Click here for price.

For help identifying these parts please click here and scroll to section 7.


The early machines had poor sealing on the top bearing, click here for more info.

ece auger gearbox pinion

Far right or below, depending on your device, is the old type ECE auger gearbox, no longer available. Thus far we are able to get parts for this gearbox. Near right is one of the 4 different pinions for this gearbox, 1000 PTO, 6 spline shaft. Click here for price.

Please click here for tips on fitting these pinions and scroll down to page 32

Bunning single piece gearbox conversion for ECE

The one piece gearbox is much better and more readily available than the original ECE ones. We have fitted one of these to one of our spreaders. This runs the augers faster thus improving the spread, it's working very well. This conversion incorporates rubber shock absorbers which most ECEs didn't have. These rubbers have the advantage of absorbing some of the shock loading. The  top picture below shows a weld on kit priced at £690 or £2500 including gearbox + VAT and carriage. If you chose this option you are, in effect, getting three new and better gearboxes, better spread, rubber shock absorbers and better reliability for only about £300 more than the cost of two of the original auger gearboxes. Click here for fitting instructions.  

Please note the part no on the rubbers is not correct. I didn't have the correct rubbers at the time of taking the photo.    

hdraulic motor

Hydraulic motor for Bunning Lowlander 120 mk 4 bed drive also ECE and numerous other spreaders, £189 plus VAT etc. While stocks last.

Larger motors also on stock please ring for info, 01609 773607.  

Click here for info on the releief valves for this item.


auger flighting

This auger flighting is the same size and shape as Bunning Mk 4 and comes in two thicknesses, 12mm and 10mm. We recommend 12mm for the bottom two rotations and 10mm for the rest. We have used it successfully on earlier Bunnings and on ECE spreaders, although the pitch and the teeth spacing is different. We have this on stock at the moment, July 2019. We can get the flighting for other models but we get it made abroad so it will take a while. £130 per segment for 10mm and £150 for 12mm plus VAT and carriage. One segment equals approximately 360 degrees.  

in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, for further information about our farming equipment.



Made from 12mm mild steel bar or plate.

ECE £11.50 for the smaller one and £13.50 for the larger one or £92 for full set     of 8.

Bunning Mk 1, £15 each, £55 full set of 4.

Bunning Mk 4, £20 each, £110 full set of 6.

Plus VAT carriage etc. not including bolts.

bed shaft bushes

These bushes come in several sizes and materials: Bronze, cast iron, and composite. The metal ones are better but composite is fine for the idler shaft and maybe the non gearbox side of the drive shaft. Bronze seems to have gone out of fasheon. When ordering please specify material and all dimensions. Click here for bushes list  If your bush isn't on the list please ask 01609 773607.

Bed / floor Bars

If you wish to order bed bars, please specify the dimensions x, y and z, see sketch right, these are the earlier chanel ones £26 each plus VAT and carriage. For the later Bunning Lowlander all box ones all we need is the overall length. 

The box for the sockets on the chanel ones, is an unusual size so if you want to replace them make sure you get box with 5mm wall, or we can supply new sockets.


Bed / floor Chains

On our ECE spreaders we use bed chains with a larger pitch than origional. This allows us to use sprockets with thicker teeth, which we find is a big advantage as they last longer. We have also manged to use these sprockets on worn ECE chains, as the wear causes the chain to have a larger pitch. This can increases the lifespan of the chain, as the larger pitch of the sprockets better fits the worn pitch of the chains.


As you will be aware the drive shaft will need to come out in order to fit these,click here for tips on how to do this.

PLEASE NOTE: Use this advice at your own risk. We are not liable for any damages.

Bunning ECE auger teeth / strippers

The genuine Bunning parts are made from High tensile steel and are very good on young spreaders, however we find that when spreaders get a bit of age on them the augers become weak, so hopefully these mild steel ones will bend when encountering stones, and thus reduce the stress on the auger. We can supply genuine if required. Please specify width and thickness when ordering, see below.

40 x 12mm, £5 each or £3.60 if you order more than 30.

50 x 12mm, £5.50 each or £3.90 if you order more than 30.

50 x 15mm, £6.50 each or £4.70 if you order more than 30.

Price for genuine to follow or please ask, 01609 773 607.

All prices plus VAT etc.   

Brake Shoes

  • 60mm Wide x 380mm Diameter - £35 Per Pair + VAT
  • 80mm Wide x 400mm Diameter - £43 Per Pair + VAT
  • 90mm Wide x 300mm Diameter - £38 Per Pair + VAT

PLEASE NOTE: While stocks last. – Prices will be more if we can’t have your old ones back, in a repairable condition. – Other sizes are available, or we can have your old ones relined.

double rElief valve

Some of the earlier spreaders didn't have this part.

Click here for tips on setting these valves.