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Plough Parts.

We supply the full range of ground engaging parts, plough metal, tungsten carbide, chromium carbide, bucket cutting edges etc. etc.

We know numerous, very knowledgeable, people within the industry. We can get parts sent direct to you quickly and we don't charge for advice.

Some materials will last many times longer than others so we need to get the right stuff for the job. Hiring out cultivation equipment is an excellent way to test various options so we do a lot of experimentation in order to find out what's best.

Tungsten Carbide is I believe, second only to diamond for its hardness, but even this has its limitations, it's brittle and expensive and can often be out performed by Chromium Carbide.  

Using the below materials on our hire tackle, saves a substantial amount of money, a saving that can be passed on to the customer.

Scroll down for Ferobide and Chromium Carbide prices.

ferobide, weldable tungsten carbide

 Size                        Price each                Size                       Price each

8 x 40 x 4mm        £3.10                        25 x 60 x 6mm     £12.35

15 x 40 x 4mm      £5.15                         40 x 40 x 6mm     £12.35

25 x 60 x 4mm      £10.29                      15 x 40 x 8mm     £8.24

40 x 40 x 4mm      £10.29                      25 x 60 x 8mm    £16.47

15 x 40 x 6mm       £6.18                        40 x 40 x 8mm    £16.47

While stocks last, Plus VAT etc.

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We supply the full range Agricarbe products. Please click here to see catalogue.

Chromium carbide overlay 

Chromium Carbide abrasion resistant plate with mild steel backing for easy welding. Hardness around 700 Brinel. The micro structure of ZK plate overlay is a mixture of high volumes of hexagonal shaped Chromium Carbides in a tough matrix of ostenite and martensite. Click here for more info.

Overlay plate, 4mm Chromium Carbide plus 4mm mild steel: £328.24 per square meter (3.3 pence per square cm) plus VAT, cutting and carriage. Free cutting on rectangular pieces over 0.1 square meter. We also stock 6 + 6. Other thicknesses available please ask for prices etc. 01609 773607.   

See the side plates on the Kuhn plough below, we can sell these for £18 each plus VAT and carriage, while stocks last, or we could just supply the plate and you cut them.

Tungsten Carbide

In the right conditions, tungsten carbide is an exceptional material. Almost rivalling diamond in its hardness, it lasts a very long time when it’s attached to earth wearing parts. Contrary to popular belief, it can be arc welded. Cracking may occur due to expansion and contraction however. In that regard, we are working with our Chinese colleagues to solve the problem. A range of tungsten products are available from our specialists, and we design and produce bespoke parts that are based on your requirements. Please get in touch for further details.

For further information on weldable tungsten carbide, please click here.

Chocky Bar

Originally developed for processing rock in the mining industry, this ferrous alloy has a higher impact resistance than tungsten. It’s also cheaper, very abrasion resistant, more resistant to heat shock and can often out perform tungsten. It has a minimum hardness of 700 Brinell. For your convenience, it is fusion bonded to a mild steel backing plate, which makes it easy to weld. If you wish to weld it yourself, we provide obligation-free advice.

At the beginning, we used this product to rebuild worn-out parts, which it was perfect for. However, in 2015, we decided that it was better if the parts were designed especially for the unique properties of this metal. Because of the exceptional durability of this material it's very dificult to cut so we have invested in new kit in order to cut it. Our team are here to meet your needs, so we design and produce these products to your own specifications. These are created in-house, as well as in-cooperation with engineers in the UK and China.

So far, our product has produced extremely positive results. Few agricultural companies use this product, though we have seen another company in the UK with a similar material. (They have a trade name for it and they won’t tell us what the material is!) Another company in the US also provides a similar variant.

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View Our Products

A few ot these products are listed here for your convenience. If an exact price isn’t shown, the average cost is around £14.24/kg. Discounts are available, and all prices exclude VAT. If you have any queries, please contact our friendly team.

Chocky Bars

Chromium carbide weld on chocky bar for sale Chromium carbide weld on chocky bar

PLEASE NOTE: Discounts are available. Please enquire for more details

Solid Wear Bars

Very Hard Chromium carbide wear metal for sale Chromium carbide weld on wear bar

PLEASE NOTE: More shapes and sizes are available. Please call us for further details.

Wafer Strips

Hard wearing ground engaging metal for sale Chromium carbide weld on wafer strip

PLEASE NOTE: More shapes and sizes are available. Please call us for further details.

Knife Edges

Chromium carbide knife edge for sale Chromium carbide weld on knife edges

PLEASE NOTE: More shapes and sizes are available. Please call us for further details.

Shaped Wear Bars

Very Hard Chromium carbide weld on shaped wear metal Chromium carbide weld on shaped wear bar

PLEASE NOTE: The above is a very small selection of the range of wear

metal we supply. Where prices aren’t shown, most of the laminated wear blocks

above are around £14.25 per kilogram. This excludes VAT, discounts, and products including tungsten carbide. We also keep cutting edge for loader buckets etc.

Contact our capable team,

in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, for more details about our farming equipment.