Our management (John and Nigel) are now well over retirement age so we have decided to start winding down the business. We now have only a skeleton staff so won't be able to do everything we have been doing. If you need anything please ring first to ask if we can do it. Sorry for any inconvenience. We haven't yet decided what to do with our assets. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for any reason: 01609 773607 or 07788 725871 or 01325 314634 or johnparlour07@gmail.com  

Repair Your Agricultural Machinery in Northallerton, North Yorkshire

Receive efficient farm machinery repairs from our talented team. Serving clients throughout North Yorkshire and beyond, we specialise in welding, straightening, strengthening, and fabrication. It’s often best to repair old equipment, as you may save money in the long run. All types of agricultural machinery are surveyed, and we often create new parts to suit your needs. Based near Northallerton, we are always happy to help whenever you need it

Industry Expertise

With a vast amount of experience in the industry, we undertake a range of services. Several kinds of welding are provided, and we possess a 100-tonne press brake for plate bending. A 50-tonne press is also available for straightening and pressing bearings, hubs etc. Further to this, we have 4 lathes, a radial drill, 2 milling machines and numerous other equipment. We are also able to perform a range of repairs on site with our well equipped van.

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in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, for more information about our repairs for agricultural machinery.


Recent Projects

We've recently been doing a lot of telly handler repairs so with lots of practice, normally but not always, comes lots of skill. I like to think we've acquired lots of skill. See pic below, top row, second left, a common Matbro problem where the boom cracks at the attachment point for the crowd ram. We cut the top of the boom out and strengthened it from the inside. By the time cracks show on the outside there is always a lot more damage on the inside that can't be seen. This Matbro isn't going to have the same problem again.

Bodged repairs, we often get jobs in where some one has previously done an inadequate repair.  See photo below, top left, where some one has repaired a worn pin hole on a JCB loader. They've burned the hole out larger in order to weld in a collar, but then haven't welded right through. See the thickness of the remaining metal after enlarging the hole and the thickness of the weld. We've recently had five of these bodges using this exact same method, I strongly suspect it's the same person.     

We recently encountered the same John Deere exhaust problem on 2 tractors. The problem involved a joint flange failure, while the rest of the exhaust was still good. Since genuine JD parts cost around £900, we saved the customer money. We made new flanges and welded them to the existing exhaust. It was a fiddly job. If you would like to do the job yourself please ring for advice and / or parts, see pics. 01609773607.