Our management (John and Nigel) are now well over retirement age so we have decided to start winding down the business. We now have only a skeleton staff so won't be able to do everything we have been doing. If you need anything please ring first to ask if we can do it. Sorry for any inconvenience. We haven't yet decided what to do with our assets. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for any reason: 01609 773607 or 07788 725871 or 01325 314634 or johnparlour07@gmail.com                   This website is due to close around mid Jan 21 however we have an annex to this site which will continue for now, please click here to view, or make a note of this URL: https://johnparlour.wixsite.com/mysite

Second Hand For Sale

Free Offer

If you have anything you would like to sell please email me a photo and details and I'll include it here, info@jparlourandson.co.uk 

I reserve the wright to change or end this service at any time without notice.


3m parmiter utah heavy discs for sale

Working order, £1500 ONO, 01609 773607.

Exchange jcb head stock

JCB 526 Q fit head stock for service exchange £450 plus VAT etc. It's been repaired but not by us and appears to be in good condition.  

JCB 526 head stock repair

We also have a two chisel ploughs for sale. Please watch this space or ring 01609 773607.

Please watch this space or ring 01609 773607.